High quality forestry ropes

For the effective Usage at the forestry industry we offer together with our partner, complete in Germany produced compacted winch ropes.

To be effective at the tough conditions several constructions are available.  We point special at the all-purpose VS 6-5 C, which combines flexibility and robustness. Our forestry / logging ropes are produced completly in Germany, beginning from the wire until the final product.

Beside ready usable lengths we offer also stock lengths until 5000m.

Fields of application f.ea.:

  • Winch ropes for forestry winches
  • Rope ways
  • Choke- ropes for connecting
  • Connecting ropes

Product example:

VS 6-5C

VS 6-5 C

Please check our complete range of forestry products HERE.

Traktor mit Seilwinde bei Waldarbeiten

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