Application Assistent & Consulting

Smooth production flow and security are the most important issue for us. We advise you all about the theme of hoisting technology. The part of wire rope technology will be handled by us directly, further themes by our partners, to find the perfect solution for you. No matter if it belongs to branches of industry, construction, trading or if you are at the beginning of planung. We show you norm-, guidance- and many more security relevant official points to prepare a meaningful report.

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Measuring, Testing, Reviewing

Damage symptoms at part of Wire Rope technics can be checked by us and further fields of hoisting technologies by our partners. We are able to analyse with classic equipment, modern microscopes(also mobil) up to drone flights, all for collecting results, on which bases we offer qualified expertise to eliminate possible technical mistakes. Further on we have the possibility in cooperation with official material test establishment, universities and manufacturer to get far-reaching analyses on materials and damage symptoms.

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